Belo Sun is committed to advancing its Volta Grande Project in a responsible and sustainable manner. The ongoing cooperation and acceptance of our impacted communities is an utmost priority for us, and we strive to keep our environmental impact to a minimum. The foundation of our approach is to create long-term value for all our stakeholders, including our employees, our suppliers, all levels of government and agencies, our shareholders and the communities in which we operate by advancing the project in a transparent, sustainable and mutually beneficial way.


We are committed to positively contributing to the communities in which we operate. Over the years, we have established a climate of transparency and confidence with our communities by being open, approachable and by regularly providing the means for dialogue with anyone who may be impacted by our activities. Our commitment to our host communities is exampled by the following long-standing and well-established practices and policies:

  • Education and healthcare facilities in place and available for local communities
  • Policy of hiring from local communities and providing necessary training
  • Policy of purchasing goods and services from local communities, when possible
  • Ongoing communications with all affected communities through consultation sessions and two permanent information centers


Safety at the Volta Grande site is ensured by the highest standard of training for all employees and contractors. All mining, processing and waste activities are approved by an independent review board and monitored by the Company’s corporate governance committee, which consists of independent board members.


Belo Sun strives to continue operating in a way that keeps its environmental impact to a minimum, always complying or exceeding the standards of current legislation. As a result, our Volta Grande Gold Project was designed to have zero impact, either through the addition or removal of water, on the neighbouring Xingu river. We recycle all possible waste and reagents, and strictly adhere to the Equator Principal.

Committed to Our Local Communities

  • Belo Sun Training Center opened in 2014
  • Over 30 courses offered and consulting services
  • Partnerships with the following institutions to provide training: REDES/FIEPA, SENAR/FAEPA, SENAI, SEBRAE
  • Main focus civil construction training (preparing graduates for work at Belo Sun for construction, deployment, operation, maintenance, administration, decommissioning.
    Ex: Bricklaying, civil construction, carpentry, electricians, truck operators, etc
  • Courses and consulting for the population in the rural, industrial and service sectors.
    Ex: Agricultural, income generation, citizenship, etc.
  • Consulting also provided for the promotion of entrepreneurship, business management and development of local suppliers.

Community Engagement

Belo Sun involves and educates the local communities on an ongoing basis.

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